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postpartum doula


As your postpartum doula I am here to provide you with supportive guidance and reassurance in the early days after birth or adoption. Here to answer questions about newborn care, postpartum healing, lactation assistance, help with light home organizational tasks and prepare nourishing meals for you and your family. My service offers emotional, physical, and educational support so you can focus on what is most important – resting and recovering from birth, bonding with your newborn, and developing confidence in your new parenting skills.


“Marisa came into our lives a few days after we had our first baby. I had an extremely rough labor and delivery and was unprepared for the physical and emotional mess I would be after giving birth and coming home with a newborn. Marisa put our family at ease immediately with her calm, reassuring presence. She is non-judgmental, open, a wealth of knowledge, and a damn good cook. She helped my husband and I spend some time together, organize our home, and talk us through some of the challenges I was facing. I only wish I had met Marisa before giving birth so I could have planned my postpartum recovery better, but I am so grateful that she was part of my postpartum journey and am certain she will be part of our next pregnancy as well.”



 Postpartum Planning Classes


I offer private and group Postpartum Planning Classes. The class will help you to know what to expect in the postpartum time, and how you can best be supported for recovery and bonding with your baby. We do lactation/ body feeding basics, as well as newborn care basics,  and we talk about all of the physical and emotional changes you as a birthing person can expect and look at ways to get the support you need whether that be physical, mental health related, socially or organizing a support system to get the housework done. . We discuss everything from navigating boundaries with family and friends and transitioning back to work, to balancing family/partner/sibling/ needs with your needs as a new parent.  We will spend some time talking about nourishment and food. And even what postpartum sex might look like. This class is really a huge brainstorming session about how to set you up for the most supported postpartum experience possible.



“We felt deeply supported and well prepared by Marisa. I was seeking a VBAC and Marisa helped me and my partner to clearly define the experience we were hoping to have, while also teaching us how to confidently advocate for ourselves throughout my prenatal care, labor and delivery, and postnatal care. My first birth ended in an unwanted c-section and up until my conversations and work with Marisa, I held a lot of grief around that experience and fear that it would happen again. Marisa’s support allowed me to do the work of laboring without the fear of unwanted interventions or pressure from the staff. When we were faced with the potential for an unwanted c-section, she helped us successfully and safely make the right choices. Marisa’s presence was instrumental in me being able to VBAC.”



Postpartum Chef

I love to cook. I cook nourishing, restorative, and delicious food designed especially for easy digestion and supporting healing for the postpartum body.  My degree in Food Studies introduced me to the history of postpartum cooking and I strive to incorporate traditional postpartum cooking techniques and recipes with what is available locally and seasonally in New York City greenmarkets. I source from local farmers, and use organic produce and pasture raised meats and animal products whenever possible. 




Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic I am currently providing virtual and some in person services. Please reach out for more information and rates. As a commitment to perinatal healthcare equity and reproductive justice I offer negotiable  rates for people who are BIPOC or part of the LGBTQ+ community.

about me

I am a DONA International Certified Postpartum Doula and current DONA International Certified Birth Doula candidate. I have trained with Ancient Song Doula Services as a Full Spectrum doula and I have a B.A. in Food Studies from The CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies Program. 

 I am committed to the health and well being of all people and all families during the pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. I believe that Black Lives Matter and that Black Births matter. I am Mexican American y yo hablo español  I identify as queer and I am committed to supporting LGBTQ+ families during the reproductive and family building time. I live with my partner, my child, two cats, and as many plants as possible in Crown Heights Brooklyn. 

If you would like to know more about me and my services please reach out.


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